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Please email if you wish to order a cake. A lead time of at least two to three weeks is ideal for celebration cakes and at least three months for wedding cakes, but orders may be accepted at short notice so please do not hesitate to get in touch! Please include information such as the date of your event, the number of portions required, any design ideas and whether you have a budget in mind. Please note the minimum order amount for a cake is £80, which does not include decoration (please see the Prices & Portions page for cost details).

By placing your order by email and making the initial 50% payment, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions. No order is confirmed until the initial payment is received. 

Please note the following terms relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or any other similar illness, when an order cancellation is requested: 
In the instance where Kate Sartorius Cake Design is unable to complete an order due to COVID-19 (or similar) related issues, you will be notified by email and a full refund will be issued. This could also include if personal self-isolation is necessary

1: If you and/or your family are required to self-isolate, you must notify Kate Sartorius Cake Design at least five days in advance of the cake collection date and in this instance a refund of the initial payment will be due, MINUS an amount applicable for any of the following 
– you will be required to cover the costs of any ingredients or materials already purchased for your order, as well as any work already completed (which may happen at any time after your first payment is received, no matter how far from your event). The latter is determined by Kate Sartorius Cake Design. 
2: If the Government prohibits the hosting of gatherings and this affects your event, you will be refunded the amount paid so far MINUS the costs of any ingredients or materials already purchased for your order, as well as any work already completed (which may happen at any time after your first payment is received, no matter how far from your event).
As an alternative to cancellation, it will instead be possible to move your order to a future alternative date (determined by Kate Sartorius Cake Design’s availability) – this will involve no refunds and no additional costs. 

Please note emails are answered during business hours which are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, according to availability. When a collection is taking place at the weekend, emails will be answered prior to collection.

Responses will usually be sent within 24 hours of receipt of your enquiry, unless a booking has already been made and the enquiry is more urgent. 

Charges and payments

Please see the prices page for a price guide, but please note all cakes are priced on an individual basis and agreed with the client prior to the order being confirmed. A 50% non-refundable payment is required to confirm all orders, with the balance due by cash (or bank transfer) on collection for celebration cakes and two weeks before for wedding cakes. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. The client is responsible for replying to emails and ensuring an order is confirmed. An order is only confirmed and the date reserved once the initial payment has been received.


Kate Sartorius Cake Design will make every effort to accommodate order amendments, depending on the notice period given. The final cake cost may change depending on the amendment/s requested.

Cancellations can be accepted up to one week before the due date for celebration cakes and up to two weeks before the due date for wedding cakes, however all initial payments are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. Kate Sartorius Cake Design reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order due to exceptional circumstances.

In the instance where Kate Sartorius Cake Design is unable to complete an order due to sickness, you will be notified by email and a full refund of money paid so far will be issued. No particular notice period is required in this instance.


All orders are based on collection from me in Leatherhead – address details are provided close to the collection day. Delivery is only offered for wedding cake orders and not for orders for any other occasion.

Advice will be given at the time of collection of the order for transportation and storage. For tall structured cakes it is advisable to bring someone with you to help transport the cake. Kate Sartorius Cake Design is not responsible for damage to cakes once they have left the premises and cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by you, the event venue or by any person nominated by you to collect your order. Any repairs or adjustments will incur additional charges. Customers are advised to check the order at the time of collection, or ask your nominated person to check the order, and once accepted by you or your nominated person it is assumed the customer is satisfied and Kate Sartorius Cake Design accepts no further responsibility.

If delivery is delayed due to any cause beyond reasonable control (such as traffic jams, road closures, accidents, roadworks or bad weather conditions) Kate Sartorius Cake Design will inform you as soon as possible of any delay. In the unlikely event that the delivery vehicle becomes involved in an accident and your order gets damaged, Kate Sartorius Cake Design will provide you with a full refund which will include the cost of the order and delivery fee. Kate Sartorius Cake Design will not be liable to any further charges.

Delivery and set-up for wedding cakes is provided by prior arrangement, and charges will be quoted at the time of order. Wedding cake delivery is free within a 5 mile radius and charged at 40p per mile for the full round trip above this (using Google Maps to calculate).

Cake storage

Cakes are baked and decorated as close to your event date as possible and you will be advised of an approximate shelf life. They should be stored in a cool room temperature (not in the fridge, unless advised otherwise) hygienic environment, and any cake remaining after cutting should be covered to help prevent it from drying out too quickly. If a cake is being displayed in a warmer environment it should be stored in a cooler place for as close to the serving time as possible. Refrigerated cakes should usually be taken out between 30 minutes and two hours prior to being served, depending on the temperature in the room. It is not recommended to place cakes under direct sunlight, either outdoors or next to a window indoors, as this could melt some of the decoration. 

Cakes should be transported on as flat a surface as possible, not left to move about during transport or left in direct sunlight. The customer is responsible for ensuring the cake is transported and stored correctly once it has been collected, Kate Sartorius Cake Design cannot accept any responsibility for deterioration of the order if you failed to collect on the arranged day. Kate Sartorius Cake Design is not liable to you in respect of any complaint concerning any aspect of any product which is not raised by you within 24 hours of delivery or collection by you or your nominated person.


Kate Sartorius Cake Design uses chocolate ganache or marzipan under fondant to ensure a smooth finish, and flavoured buttercreams and jams to fill cakes as appropriate. Please see the Flavours page for some ideas for your cake, or contact Kate Sartorius Cake Design with your requirements as many other flavours can be accommodated. Tiered and double barrelled cakes can be made up of more than one flavour, and would be priced accordingly.

Cake samples

Sample boxes are only provided for wedding orders and carry a fee of £30 payable in advance – sample boxes are posted by first class postso you can try the samples in your own home and share them with your loved ones.
Once your wedding booking has been secured by making the first payment, the cost of £25 is taken off your total cake price.


Any allergy requirements should be stated by the client at the time of order. Unless requested, cakes are made nut free but Kate Sartorius Cake Design may have nuts present in the kitchen and some products are made in factories that handle nuts and therefore it cannot be guaranteed that cakes are completely nut free. Gluten and dairy free cakes can be made – please state this requirement when placing your order. Kate Sartorius Cake Design holds no responsibility for any allergies of the client or their guests as this is the sole responsibility of the client.

Non-edible elements

You will be advised on collection whether your cake contains non-edible items, such as structures or dowels for support. The customer is responsible for notifying the person cutting the cake that it contains non-edible items. 
Please note – flower decorations are never fully edible. Kate Sartorius Cake Design does not work with fresh flowers but does work with fake and sugar flowers. Even the latter would contain non-edible elements, and would also be made from edible material that dries firm, so eating them wouldn’t be recommended or advised. 

Refund policy

If an order was made as requested yet there is simply a difference in preference of taste or texture then a refund will not be given. No refunds will be given for a difference in design tastes unless an order is very different to what was requested – to be determined by Kate Sartorius Cake Design. Specific design requests should always be stated at the time of ordering and no changes to this can be guaranteed once the initial payment has been received. No refunds are given in the event of a lack of communication about any elements – such as if the customer wanted fully edible flowers but didn’t state this preference. 
There are no refunds/exchanges or returns on edible food products. In the event that you are dissatisfied, the cake should be returned within 24 hours of your event for an investigation to be carried out. Without the product being returned there are no concessions that can be made. Refunds will not be given without the return of the original product.


Kate Sartorius Cake Design will not disclose your personal details to any third parties and is a spam free zone. All information that Kate Sartorius Cake Design keeps on each customer such as yourself includes your name, email address and telephone number if given. Your data will be kept securely and will only be used by Kate Sartorius Cake Design to communicate with you regarding your order/s and any products or services offered by Kate Sartorius Cake Design. By giving your email address when you purchase a free or payable item in the shop on this website, you agree to receive future emails from Kate Sartorius Cake Design regarding products and services on offer. You can request that your information is deleted by contacting Kate Sartorius Cake Design by email. If you would like to receive more information about how Kate Sartorius Cake Design handles data, please email and request to see a copy of the GDPR policy.