I have been running my cake business in Surrey for nine years, and I’m proud to have a number of regular clients who have been eating my cakes for nearly all of those years, even through pandemic times, and it means SO MUCH to me to be part of their special occasions year after year. Truly, it’s connections with people that drives me forward, that ‘fills my cup’ when clients come to collect their cakes – warm and meaningful conversations where I get to learn more about each person and can enjoy their occasion with them in some small way. 

I am guided by integrity, truth, fairness, kindness and inclusivity. Ordering a cake from me isn’t like dealing with a big faceless company – I am a person with a passion for bringing joy to life in whatever small way I can. It is important to me that my clients are aligned with these principles. 

Originally from Bristol, I have been based in Surrey for the past 17 years. I have a long held love of being creative. 

How it all started
People very often want to know how I started and whether I have a background in baking from a young age. I do have a background in so much as my Mum always baked cakes when I was growing up – always a ‘victoria sponge’ and a lighter fruit cake, and my brother and I always loved being the one who got to have THE FIRST CUT PIECE. It was the best!
With a degree in American Studies, training in nutrition, and a background in admin/PA work/marketing, my cake journey started on a whim when I decided I wanted to make a special cake for my Mum’s 60th birthday. I was SO proud of it at the time and Mum loved it. My Mum has since passed away and the fact that it was her special occasion that began my cake life always stays in my heart. 

A moment that you remember forever
Years ago I bumped in to a client a little while after her family event had taken place, and I asked her how it went and how the cake recipient was. She told me that they had passed away, but had asked her at the time of the event to tell me how much they had enjoyed the cake and it was the first time in a while they had been able to eat properly. This conversation brought tears to my eyes and it still brings tears any time I re-tell it. Moments like these mean so much. To know that you’ve made a positive difference to someone is huge. 

Ordering my cakes in Surrey
I use my passion for creativity and eye for detail to work with my clients to provide bespoke creations for all occasions, with a personal and professional approach to ensuring all cakes are created to the highest standard not only in the design elements of the creations but also in the taste. Everything is made from scratch in small batches and carefully crafted by me to meet the individual requirements of each client. 

When I’m not working on cakes I enjoy spending time with my family, being creative in other ways like sewing and furniture building, working out, and as a family we love to travel. 

I would love to make a cake for you! Please browse the gallery pages here and here, visit the pricing page for an idea of costs, and then contact me by email – I look forward to hearing from you!

Just for fun, here are some of my favourite things:
I like to drink: Hot lemon water in my Stanley Quencher (IYKYK)
I like to watch: Seinfeld, movies like When Harry Met Sally, interior and exterior design shows
My favourite food: Fruit
My favourite cake flavour: Black forest, ‘victoria sponge’, anything with raspberry!
Favourite season: Spring – the birds, the flowers, the lighter evenings .. I dream of it 🙂