How it works!
All cakes are custom designed and created for each customer so there is no set price as this is worked out individually for each one, however there is an approximate guide below. Please note square and novelty shaped cakes cakes carry a higher cost and the minimum order amount for a simple cake is £70, with the upward limit depending on the details of the design and the number of hours involved. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes – standard height for a round cake starts at somewhere between 6-7″. Some are much taller, even in single tiers. 

Looking to spend a set amount of £80? Check out this page for details of the Kate Sartorius Cake Design Signature Cake! It’s still a bespoke order, just less so than something more detailed – you still get to choose from the usual amazing flavours, and you still get an impressive centrepiece of a cake for your special occasion! 

For a quotation or to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to email enquiries@kscakedesign.co.uk

All orders are based on collection from Leatherhead. 

Double barrelled cakes (one cake: two ways!) provide either standard height or shorter slices depending on your requirements and may be more suitable for children’s celebration cakes, where only smaller portions are needed. These cakes are priced according to the flavour choices.

All cakes are bespoke to each client. It is not possible to copy another company’s design without permission, but please do send photos to use as inspiration when creating your design.

The minimum order amounts are:
Size 5″ – 6″ round – £70
Size 7″ round – £80
Size 8″ round – £90
Size 9″ round – £100
Size 10″ round – £120

Please note these are not final costings, but rather an idea of how much you can expect to pay as a starting cost for a simple cake finished in ganache, with decorations additional to this. Remember the KSCD Signature Cake is also available, at a set price with some bespoke decoration. Details above and at https://kscakedesign.co.uk/kscd-signature-cake/

I used to give a guide to portion sizes, but I don’t do that now, for a number of reasons – firstly, everyone cuts cakes differently (though please always cut this way, shown to the left, and not in wedges!), secondly and most importantly, some designs lend themselves better to a tall and narrow appearance, whereas some look better if they are shorter and wider. You could get the same portions from two different sizes so it’s better to work with each client individually to determine what works best and create exactly what is needed. 

As an example, a 5″ round in a standard height of somewhere between 6-7″ *should* provide around 12 portions, but add another couple of layers of cake inside and that can go to around 20 portions. Add in the person who is responsible for cutting the cake being someone who cuts small pieces, or allowing for most being child portions, and that could go even further!