Looking amazing, tasting like heaven

What’s YOUR favourite flavour? How do you choose just one?! Here’s the secret – you don’t always have to! ALL cakes come with the possibility of choosing multiple flavours – one cake: two (or more!) ways! Also known as ‘double barrelled’ cakes, which feature two (or more!) flavours within one single tier, separated by a cake board to make cutting straight forward. 

All Kate Sartorius Cake Design cakes contain multiple layers of cake and filling, and use white chocolate ganache as the standard covering, with materials such as fondant, modelling chocolate and wafer paper used for design elements. 

Some flavour suggestions are below, but if you’re looking for something that isn’t listed then please do request it!

“Traditional” Vanilla
A modern take on the classic flavour, with buttercream to your taste and with or without jam

Pair it with chocolate buttercream for a richer outcome, or vanilla buttercream to break up the flavour and make it lighter.

Red velvet
More popular in the US at first, this is a tangy twist on a chocolate flavour with a colourful outcome! Shelf life is an important consideration, so a cream cheese STYLE buttercream works nicely with this flavour. 

Chocolate orange
This is a winning flavour combination – chocolate cake drizzled with orange syrup. 

Rich and filling, a vanilla based cake with Nutella buttercream. 

Lemon zest
Squeezed, grated, drizzled, curded – so many options! Use one, use them all – it’s up to you!

Mixed berries
If you like something fruity and fancy a bit more than raspberry or lemon, why not go for mixed berries!

If you haven’t tried it yet – what’s stopping you?! It’s fragrant and it’s beautiful.

Made with seeds instead of nuts, for the familiar texture and flavour but less of an issue for allergies!

Cinnamon roll
Warm and welcoming, but not just for winter! Keep it light by matching it with a vanilla buttercream. 

‘Black forest’
Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, cherry jam, with or without kirsch for the extra kick!

Ever popular at the moment – have it in the cake, have it in the buttercream, the more the better!

Summery and with texture, coconut can be used with a vanilla base, or add some chocolate to make it similar to a popular chocolate bar 🙂

Even as a non-coffee drinker, this flavour is still full and fulfilling, maybe more for adults than children!

All of these flavours can be made in to any cake design – any style, any size, any shape (within reason!).

Visit the gallery pages to see what’s possible (click here for novelty designs, or more ‘elegant’ designs can be found on this page), and the contact page to start discussing your order for your next special occasion! Or maybe it’s not a special occasion, maybe you just love cake – that’s good too! Who needs an excuse for eating cake?!